01I tried to log in but I see only ‘wrong credentials’ info. What should I do?
02Why I cannot pay with Google Play Cards?
03The store’s page isn’t opening.
04I cannot buy a pack of Power-Ups with coins.
05After following the link to the Store, I cannot see anything there (looks like the Store is empty).
06I’m unable to log into the Store.
07Once I enter the Store, I see the following message: “Please enable cookies to continue...”
08I can’t remember my password and I’m unable to reset it.
09I cannot see the offer that my clanmate has.
10Sometimes I don’t see the offers connected to Events.
11I only see offers in foreign currencies.
12The Store is visible in a foreign language.
13I would like to use a different payment method.
14The transaction is rejected by Xsolla / payment provider.
15I have completed my purchase, but the items haven’t reached my in-game account.
16I’ve completed my purchase, but I have been charged twice.
17How to cancel my purchase?
18In which countries is it not possible to use Xsolla?
19How can I contact you?