01How do I log in for the first time?
02Why can't I pay with Google Play Cards?
03The Store page does not open.
04I cannot buy an offer with Fire Coins / Diamond Coins.
05The link to the TSG.STORE doesn't seem to be working.
06I'm unable to log in to the Store.
07What should I do if I see a message that says I need to accept cookies?
08I can't remember my password, and I'm unable to reset it.
09I can't see an offer my clanmate can see.
10I can't see offers connected to in-game events.
11I only see offers in a foreign currency.
12The Store is displayed in a foreign language.
13I would like to use a different payment method.
14A transaction was rejected by the payment provider.
15I have completed my purchase, but the items haven't reached my in-game account.
16I've completed my purchase, but I have been charged twice.
17How can I cancel my purchase?
18In which countries is it not possible to use Xsolla?
19How can I contact you?